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Everybody should know the Chinese internet supermarket Dealextreme. I also love this store — the last year I bought there more than two dozen times:) But…you know — 90 percent of purchased things was broken in a week or no longer needed. But there is one thing that I use every day. What is this?

You’ll be laughing — but that earplugs! Yes … little earplugs. My wife and I use them every day:) Earplugs blocks all kind of noise from the windows, the noise from the household, the cries of neighbors on the right, the music from the neighbors above! These little things from DX are soft, take the form of an ear — and you are really almost deaf! Ridiculously: once I decided to sleep during the day — so my wife knocking at the door for ten minutes, until I heard 🙂

Еше одни беруши с

Еше одни беруши с

Беруши с

Беруши с

You can find this $1,5 earplugs at

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Отзывов (2) на «Dealextreme best buy»

  1. Максим пишет 11.01.2011 в 16:22 #

    А для чего английская статья?
    Они за обзоры на своем блоге могут дать какой-нибудь подарочный купон на пару баксов?

  2. Alex пишет 11.01.2011 в 19:31 #

    нее )) Просто была изначально идея ВСЕ статьи на английский переводить — но как то недосуг этим заниматься ))

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